Monday, January 4, 2010

Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Raisins?

Tonight's recipe was for Orange Drop Cookies. According to Betty, "the recipe for this delightful cooky came to us from Mrs. Paul Lindemeyer, Mason City, Iowa." She also offers up the possibility of adding chopped nuts or raisins for "variety," but I think I've made my stance on these ingredients clear enough already. If is also important to note that there is a COLOR picture of the finished product in the book as well. I do not have a scanner, or I would share this with you, but I think that I may reasonably claim that mine do not look too different from the picture.

If my own photo is clear enough, you should have already noticed that tonight's cookie called for FROSTING. Oh yes, Betty Crocker isn't going to let me get by with just a suggested "if desired" this time around. Orange Butter Icing (p. 150) is right there in the list of ingredients. So... not only did I have a new adventure in cookie baking, but I made my first (successful) batch of homemade icing. I sure hope someone is proud of this besides me.

All in all, this was a pretty simple recipe and wasn't too difficult to manage. My favorite part was that this makes a MUCH smaller batch of cookies than my first experiment with the Applesauce variety. The cookies themselves are much smaller (one rounded teaspoon), and while they do have a cake-like texture, they lack the moisture that really turned me off in Applesauce batch. Nothing had to be chilled prior to baking, and the only fruit handling I had to do was zesting an orange for the batter and the frosting. I don't really mind this since the smell is wonderful.

The recipe said that it should produce about 4 dozen cookies, which turned out to be just about right (I had a few extra). I have to say, this is a recipe that I would definitely make again. In fact, it actually reminded me a little bit (in texture) of my favorite French cookie, the Madeleine. I do possess a Madeleine tin/mold/pan, so perhaps when I am feeling adventurous, I will try this recipe in that format.

The next recipe in the book is for Chocolate Drop Cookies and this will involve the use of my favorite: the double boiler method. However, I have decided, in the interest of creating more cookie storage, I will wait to complete this recipe until I have more available containers in which to keep the results. Having left a few of my cookie storage vessels at my parents' house this weekend, I find that my Orange Drop Cookies have used up most of my practical options. Unless someone wants to give me some new cookie containers... Alas, Christmas is over, but I do have a birthday looming... in April...

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