Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Drop it like it's chocolate!

OK, since most of my cookie baking nights turn into LATE nights, I opted to save the writing of this for the next day. Please forgive me.
So.... last night I baked Chocolate Drop Cookies!!! This is exciting for two reasons: 1 - I got to utilize the DOUBLE BOILER method. 2 - it is the first cookie I've made in this project that calls for CHOCOLATE. Maybe that should be the #1 reason, but we'll move on.
These cookies were not overly difficult, despite the fact that I had to melt things. Perhaps due to the fact that I found the cookies so simple explains why I made the somewhat questionable decision to make a frosting to go with the cookies. This meant that I had to employ the double boiler method for a second time. Let's just be honest, I love to melt things. Try not to judge me for that. So back to the frosting... it wasn't hard to make, but it settles to a pretty solid consistency, which made me uncertain as to how best to apply it to the finished cookies. I recently purchased a pastry bag for frosting cupcakes, and I decided to push my luck and use it for my cookies. Armed with my new method for "loading" the pastry bag (courtesy of Mary - HOLLER!), I attempted to fancy up the cookies. Unfortunately, this frosting was a little too stiff to work well in this fashion, so I ended up with frosting that resembles little Tootsie Rolls.
Despite the fact that my frosted cookies are somewhat aesthetically challenged, they seem to taste fine. At least that has been the consensus of my taste-tester/co-workers this morning.
Perhaps worth mentioning is that I utilized parchment paper this time around and as the TV chefs are fond of saying "it made clean-up a SNAP!" The same can not be said for the rest of my mixing and bake-ware, but thankfully it is all (mostly) dishwasher safe.
Final verdict - these cookies are good. They have a cake-like texture, which seems to be the general pattern so far. I wonder if that is a drop-cookie hallmark? I should briefly apologize that it took me longer this week to get to the cookies done, but I made a detour this week by way of mini-cupcakes. I will say no more on that subject in order to honor my cookie-only theme. Please forgive me - I promise to stay true in the future!

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